Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Korea: Land of the Free and Home of the 'Courteous People in the East'

This is an update blog, posted quickly from a community computer, while hordes of young gentleman, from all reaches of the world, wait to check their facebooks and play Mafia Wars.

Today I fly, on Emirates no less, to South Korea, in a much anticipated departure from the semi-great country of Czech Republic. I leave today at 16:00 and arrive tomorrow at 16:00. While I have no ill will to give to this country I get closer and closer each second to extreme elation at the thought of settling down in my 'studio flat' somewhere in the bowels of smelly, dirty, ugly, and polluted Seoul, Korea. Without sounding mellow dramatic this might be the second happiest day of my life. Not to be outdone by the first happiest day of my life, of course, which was the day Abbey Saxby, my 5th grade sweetheart,  decided to be an item with me...I think I figuratively peed my pants. We hugged the last day of 5th grade and it was bloody beautiful; you would of cried.  (the other great days obviously rank 3rd through 100th).

So in the wake of hours of Bible reading, hanging out with Frenchmen and Germans into all hours of the night, arguing why freedom is better than socialism, tens of trips to the grocery, and plenty of hot showers (my favorite pastime) on my knees (my least favorite pastime), I depart to the Prague airport, where a beautiful young hostess waits eagerly to serve me wine and pillows, while I watch hours of crappy Hollywood movies, to eventually gaze down onto my future home: Reading Town, Seoul, South Korea.

Love. war.

Things to think about:
-What hasn't been invented yet?

Things to read:
Bush spent...Obama spends more. Let the spending stop.

Things to do:


Unknown said...

Since when have Showers been included on your list of things to do on a regular basis. If my memory serves me right it was only this past Spring that you espoused your theory of a Shower-less month. I never could understand if you were trying to save water or soap.

melissa said...

good read page...keep safe

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