Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pandora thinks Mars Ill is like LA Symphony...I guess I agree

I've been lying awake at night thinking and it’s eerily unsettling. Things are running through my head that haven’t ever run through my head before. They aren't bad...but I can't yet tell you all that they are. I haven’t ever been able to not go to sleep due to my thoughts. I consider myself a deep thinker but I’m always able to think a little bit before I go to bed and than carry on my thinking when I awake. But recently I’ll just lie there staring into the light not focusing my eyes on anything in particular. 

My hearts been heavy recently but that’s not the reason of my inability to sleep. I’ve been able to go to sleep when my hearts been heavy before. 

My brother, while watching a Syracuse basketball game last week at Beef, told me that we should start writing a screenplay and so one night that I lie awake I did just that. It’s hard to write a screenplay kind of like writing a symphony, which my mom told me I couldn’t do after I told her that I could. I’ll write one before I die. Believe that. So I got a piece of paper and while in my hole began to write a screenplay. I’d give you the premise of the screenplay but I’m afraid you’d steal it and write a better one before I finished. I can tell you that it’s mildly based around my life. (Obviously the easiest screenplay to write. It’s my first one I thought I’d take on something more easy.) But that’s not the thing that I think you’re going to steal. I wrote the first scene. It’s hard to write dialogue perfect but not too perfect.

Dialogue that’s too perfect is like…The Gilmore Girls…so perfect that it’s awful and very unrealistic. Dialogue too fast to been even reasonably true. That’s not even mentioning that Lorelai acts younger than her daughter which makes the show even more awful. I bought a season of The Gilmore Girls for my sister last year for Christmas…that just shows you how much I love my sister. 

I’d just like to say that Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever created hands down. It’s not even close. The next best sitcom is probably Frasier. I know every girl in America would say that Friends is the best. I have no idea why girls like Friends so bloody much. Maybe because they wish they would be like the girls on friends? Let me give you an analogy of how much better Seinfeld is than Friends. Seinfeld is to Friends as Jennifer Aniston is to Sarah Jessica Parker. And I think we all know how ugly guys think Sarah Jessica Parker is. One girl tried to tell me once that Sarah wasn’t ugly because she wore cute clothes. I said nope, homegirls ugly is she’s wearing Prada or Kmart. If Brad Pitt but on a uni I'd still have a mancrush on him. My best friend doesn’t like Seinfeld. I don’t know how we get along. 

If you’re good at writing screenplays I’d love to have some help sometime. I don’t know that much about it other than I know how to make good dialogue between individuals. If you have good ideas or can write very well and want to sit down with me and help me than let me know. 

My friend just called me and she was drunk. I enjoy it when people call me when they are drunk. It’s like having my own personal audio honesty box. That people trust me enough that they feel that they can call me when they are drunk to talk to me is a hardcore compliment to me. Thanks. 

Things for you to comment about:
Why am I not sleeping? 
The best sitcom ever and why?
And if you were to write a screenplay what would the premise be? 
Any other thoughts. 

Love. War.  

% Page Trimble

...and scorpion pose...hold it...don't forget to breath.

I went to a yoga class today. I’ve wanted to go to a yoga class for a long time. It’s one of those things that people think it’s gay for guys to do so I want to do it…because I’m into shattering molds. I also can knit, sew, and talk for hours on the phone about nothing. ;) So while I was in this yoga class the instructor said something that I was a little annoyed with. She said, during our breathing, in the beginning of the class: “breath all the way out and get that stalel air out of your lungs.” I imagine that she was trained to say this or has just heard some other yoga instructor say something of this nature and I just thought in my head, “that might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Stale air. As if there is this air somewhere in my lungs that if I don’t breath out all the way that it’s getting stagnate. Like some sort of mosquitoes that live in my lungs are laying eggs in the stagnate air there. No offense to my yoga instructor, who for all intents and purposes, could be reading this, but that statement made me somewhat frustrated the rest of my yoga class. 

Walking around today I was pretty nostalgic. This is the end to my favorite time of year and the beginning of my second favorite time. Something about cold weather that makes you think more about life and the things around you. These are some things I’m thinking about: Does sin in my life keep me from getting the things that God wants me to have, when girls are beautiful do they know that they are beautiful or do they think they need to keep trying to be better looking than the girl closet to them, if most of life is vain than what should I be spending time doing that really matters, and the last thing that I’ve been thinking today is why don’t I do the things I want to do. For instance; I want to be better at guitar but I don’t pick it up and practice. I also would love to be able to make beats on my computer and rap to them. I could do it but I just haven’t. I’d like to pleasure read more but I can’t find the time. But then I think that all those things are selfish and in vain. 

So much more to say, so little worth saying. love. war. 

With a Mild Blow to your Ego we can Begin to Traverse

My mind is somewhat plagued by the different nuances of people I’ve never met but run into every day. I spend a lot of my fickle, vain life trying to figure out the reason behind these avaricious people. Without reckoning my views of them with them themselves I’m left with an unfilled longing to grasp the real breath that is breathed be believers and non-believers alike. More than six billion inhabitants of this God-made Earth all thinking special things, different things, diverse things. The simple but complex question then comes; who’s right?

Without the right words to really express the facts due to my somewhat jaded emotions I look to other brilliant men for the answer; men that you might have gleaned from before. Men like Denish D’Souza. Brilliance is hard to come by. I think everyone wishes they were brilliant and if you say you don’t then I can’t believe you. The problem with brilliance though is that some people are brilliant but they are wrong in the things they believe. Men get trapped behind their brilliance and it causes them to think sometimes that they are greater or smarter than the one that made them. This is true for people, e.g. Chris Hitchens. You can watch for yourself and let me know who you think is right and who is wrong. Obviously both men are brilliant we’re not discussing that. But what person out of these two uses his brilliance right.