Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girls Have Liked Me in the Past, in the Future, Women

I wish I could pour my heart out but wisdom tells me to hold back and be cautious. Friends are for pouring your heart out, not blogs.

I’m flying to Prague July 3rd. I’ve never been to Europe. Although the reason for my flight and my departure from the great continent of North America is at worst selfish and at best selfless.

Who teaches boys how to become men? Who explains to the next generation how not to suck?

With varying thoughts running through my head I want to offer this bit of reconcilably advice. Have no expectations. Have no expectations what you think should happen in your life. Have no expectations on how you think people should act. Have no expectations what you think your friends should do. Expectations are the thing that causes disappointment. And disappointment is the thing that makes people act in ways they wouldn’t normally act. (If normal is even possible)

My stomach growls. My head aches. My thirst is not quenched. Where can I find water that would allow me to never have to draw from any well ever again?

 Things to think about:
-Older people don’t understand the proper way to use Facebook.
-Dancers are unbelievably attractive.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If You Play Your Cards Right, Your Future and my Future Might Collide

I cruise in my brother’s Acura on interstate 40 headed to Greensboro.  I hit 90 and tell myself I don’t need to drive as fast as the other cars. I slow to a cool 70 getting passed by blacks and whites alike in their Lexus’ and Mercedes’. I’m feeling the best I ever have.  Graduation has opened doors to pursue anything I’m interested in.  In comes the question then: what am I interested in?

I wonder a lot if I’ve ever thought anything original. Are there still new thoughts to be had? I know for a fact that I’ve never thought anything original about love. What I’ve felt in my heart has been raw and passionate and unquenchable at times, but I know those thoughts have been shared by billions upon billions of people that have existed.  I also know for a fact that I’ve never thought anything original about hate, even though Valentina would say I hate a lot, usually in reference to commercials, which I do hate. I know that thousands of men and woman have hated more than me. The obvious examples are Stalin who hated the peasantry and Obama who hates economic progress.

You ask then, how does this tie into graduation and having original thoughts? I want to start a company and, for the past two years, have been trying to come up with an idea that is different from the rest. I had the idea for a treadmill that was for swimming back when I was like 13 and then it came out, someone had already thought of it. I had the idea for headphones in the pool but they already had those. I came up with the idea for a site, kind of like chatroulette (without the penis’) and then there they were. What I’m saying is there is nothing new under the sun. Ideas have been had and had and had again. So that brings me to one possible solution. Don’t do something that has never been done because that’s impossible, but rather do something that has been done better than everyone else has done it before. And I know that I can do that.

But what can you do. I suggest that you be constantly afraid of life around you and don’t try new things for fear of failing. I suggest being comfortable in your house watching thousands of TV shows whose very existence hinges on whether you live or die. I suggest never getting to know anyone around you because hell, they aren’t lonely and they don’t want to get to know you anyway. I suggest doing exactly the same thing you’re doing because the opposite is just too selfless. Or do my suggestions fall on deaf ears? I'm not judging you because things aren't this black and white. But you know what your heart is telling you. And you know that God is a righteous judge. 

Things to think about
-Alvin Greene won the South Carolina Democrat primary. ha. awesome. 
-World Cup refs really hate the American Soccer team
-Giving your money to a good kid who is starving

Things to watch:

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