Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girls Have Liked Me in the Past, in the Future, Women

I wish I could pour my heart out but wisdom tells me to hold back and be cautious. Friends are for pouring your heart out, not blogs.

I’m flying to Prague July 3rd. I’ve never been to Europe. Although the reason for my flight and my departure from the great continent of North America is at worst selfish and at best selfless.

Who teaches boys how to become men? Who explains to the next generation how not to suck?

With varying thoughts running through my head I want to offer this bit of reconcilably advice. Have no expectations. Have no expectations what you think should happen in your life. Have no expectations on how you think people should act. Have no expectations what you think your friends should do. Expectations are the thing that causes disappointment. And disappointment is the thing that makes people act in ways they wouldn’t normally act. (If normal is even possible)

My stomach growls. My head aches. My thirst is not quenched. Where can I find water that would allow me to never have to draw from any well ever again?

 Things to think about:
-Older people don’t understand the proper way to use Facebook.
-Dancers are unbelievably attractive.

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Anonymous said...


I think you will make a great teacher. You will teach kids things they need to know outside of the classroom. This may sound cheesy but I see you being a life teacher. I wish you all the best and you better continue to blog while you're away!! Love.

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