Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If Hadassah Was my Slave, I'd Let Her Free

I lied in my hammock and looked up into the trees. Something about them reminded me of home. I cried as I looked at them praying to God to help me understand why I make the choices I make. “God why am I so frustrated.” A surge of calm, frustrated peace swells over me as I begin to understand how powerful is the God that I worship, the lover of Heaven and Earth, and how limited I am at understanding his plan and how I fit into it.  

I rode on a subway alone. I sat next to a girl and looked at her. "You speak English?" "No." I sat there for another five minutes thinking how I could communicate with her and a brilliant idea came to me. Use her native language. I pulled out my notebook paper with the few Czech words I've learned. I practiced my Czech with her hoping to maybe make a new friend.  She smiled as I pointed to words written down and said them with her repeating them to me. Dobry den. Hello. Pronounced dough bree den. Dobre. Good. Pronounced dobscher. Jak se mate. How are you. Pronounced yuack sue motey. She smiled as I looked into her eyes for a brief moment wanting to know everything about her life.  I got off at the next exit saying goodbye in her native tongue, "Nashledeanon," knowing I’d never see her again and not caring one way or another.

They told me not to talk to Czech people in the subway. I told them I’ll talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere and I would do it often. I love people.

I’m overwhelmingly tired and I haven’t eaten much today (A few cashews and a bun of bread). I’ve always prided myself in not suffering from desynchronosis and not needing much food. I’ve also always prided myself in my ability to handle living overseas. So far my pride hasn’t been crushed…even though I pray for it. 

Things to think about:
-If you were a slave would you be able to handle it, or are you too selfish?
-Would you abort a baby or decide to have it? 

Things to read:
A Voice in The Wind - Francine Rivers


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