Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With a Mild Blow to your Ego we can Begin to Traverse

My mind is somewhat plagued by the different nuances of people I’ve never met but run into every day. I spend a lot of my fickle, vain life trying to figure out the reason behind these avaricious people. Without reckoning my views of them with them themselves I’m left with an unfilled longing to grasp the real breath that is breathed be believers and non-believers alike. More than six billion inhabitants of this God-made Earth all thinking special things, different things, diverse things. The simple but complex question then comes; who’s right?

Without the right words to really express the facts due to my somewhat jaded emotions I look to other brilliant men for the answer; men that you might have gleaned from before. Men like Denish D’Souza. Brilliance is hard to come by. I think everyone wishes they were brilliant and if you say you don’t then I can’t believe you. The problem with brilliance though is that some people are brilliant but they are wrong in the things they believe. Men get trapped behind their brilliance and it causes them to think sometimes that they are greater or smarter than the one that made them. This is true for people, e.g. Chris Hitchens. You can watch for yourself and let me know who you think is right and who is wrong. Obviously both men are brilliant we’re not discussing that. But what person out of these two uses his brilliance right. 

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