Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thinking about what you're thinking about makes me feel like I'm thinking like a monkey

When you take the headphones out all you’re left with is the silence of your thoughts. I usually hate my thoughts. But I know I love them more than I would love having the thoughts of the average person…let’s pretend that there is an average person.  I don’t even pretend to think I know what’s going through the heads of these average people. The people out there who are so ignorant and foolish. It’s hard for me to even think about what they think about. Thinking about what they think about is making me feel a little stupid right now. And the more stupid I feel, the less I can think about what they are thinking about…which probably proves my point.

My mind hurts. Not because of the previous paragraph but just in general. I feel like recently I’ve been going crazy and I can’t do a lot about it. People talk about wanting to figure out their life and I’m here to say that it’s impossible to figure out your life because there isn’t anything to figure out. If I asked you why you weren’t happy, you’d tell me it’s because of your job, or your spouse, or your girlfriend, or your lack of motivation and then I’d ask you why you can’t figure it out and it’d usually end up sounding something like: if I had another job or another boyfriend…or I’m happy with my girlfriend but I just need to change some things about it. I just want to tell you that this life can’t be figured out because that’s not the point of life…to figure it out. Haven’t you heard all those quotes by all those famous guys…they go something like, “the more I know the more I know I don’t know” or “as I acquire wisdom what I’m getting wise about is knowing I’m not that wise,” “life is a journey not a destination” what the hell do you think all these people mean when they are saying all this stuff?  I think it means that you’re not as smart as you think you are. And at every level of your life you think you’re so much smarter than you were when you were 5 or 10 or 15 or 20…and that all is true but you still have a long way to go. It doesn’t matter what you know but rather how you apply what you know. And of course how you love the people that you come in contact with.

I’ve been thinking about how people leave conversations always giving promises about the next time they’ll be speaking with the person; I’ll talk to you later, I’ll see you later, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve been trying, recently, to not say any of these dead epitaphs. I instead just say goodbye or goodnight. Or I just don’t say anything at all. Sometimes I just say all right and hang up. This seems to be the best. Especially when you’re about to see the person you’re talking to on the phone.  I most assuredly don’t say peace. I catch myself saying peace and I hate it. It’s a habit and it almost can’t be stopped. Everyone says peace but I think they have no idea what they are saying. I say war when I’m done because I think that’s what we need…a war.

For too long the government has been stepping over its governmental right and making laws that they don’t have the power (they have the power because of the military) to make. They get away with making these laws because no one wants to challenge the national government. It’s wildly disappointing and my peers are the ones that disappoint me the most. I’ll run through a scenario with you about something that happens on a regular basis in my life when dealing with people (usually younger people my same age) “I can’t believe that the government is outlawing smoking in restaurants. Why do they think they have the right to pass these laws.” That’s the statement I made out of disgust with America and our state government. Now the next statement is the girl’s response:  “Well I like that the government is making a law about that because I don’t like smelling smoke when I’m in the bar and smelling like smoke when I go home for the night.”

The problem is that people feel like it’s their right to go to a business that exists. When the reality is that businesses in America are private and you don’t deserve to go there anymore than you would deserve to go the house of the person that owns the business. The reason that the bar lets you in is because they want to sell you things but they have the right to tell you that they don’t want to serve you. That problem arises with ignorant people not understanding what private business means and thinking they are entitled to anything and everything that exists. If I own a business it should be my choice what is done in my establishment. If I own a house it should be, and is, my choice what happens in that house. If I want to drink liquor after 2AM I can. If I want to walk around naked that isn’t illegal either.  As long as it’s legal to do I should be allowed to do it in my place of business. If smoking isn’t illegal, then I should be able to decide if people smoke in my bar. If eating isn’t illegal, I should be able to decide whether or not I serve food in my bar. In America, we don’t believe in the government owning businesses as a fundamental building block, even though some people in America might believe that. Obama being one of them.

Things to think about:

-Settlers of Catan is the best board game created. Better than Monopoly, Risk, Clue, and Sorry combined.
-If it's part of her body why can't she control when the baby kicks...if it's her body?
-Gifts don't need to be given to you for Christmas. It's a gift, not a requirement. A gift is the giver's choice and never an obligation
-love languages

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