Monday, January 16, 2012

If it Weren't for Stereotypes I Wouldn't be in Texas

As I boil my soup on my rather old none brand name stove, I start getting a little hot. I proceed to finish cooking the soup and then open the kitchen window. I add milk and cheese to my Wolfgang Puck Signature Tortilla Organic Soup given to me by my very thoughtful girlfriend and open the window to the kitchen. As I proceed to eat my soup standing up, because I yet have no furniture, I hear a rather annoying noise coming from outside my window. It was the chirping of hundreds of birds resting in the trees sitting above my apartment complex 50 yards away.

I've been in Texas over a week and I was baffled to be honest. Hundreds of birds and not one person shot one of them down out of the trees. Now if you're like me you tend to believe things that trusted people say regarding things you don't know and one of those things is that in Texas everyone's a bad-ass and carries a gun. (I mean you don't even have to register your gun here) So I asked myself, "How could this be that these birds just sit atop these trees unafraid and songs unhindered?" Not that I don't love to hear birds singing in the afternoon to the sunset, perhaps praising God for the life that he gives them, but since I've been here I haven't seen one gun fired at anything. I also haven't seen one cowboy hat or anyone wearing stirs on their boots.

In the short amount of time between my dinner and my blog writings I've come to the conclusion that Texans aren't any less awesome that I thought but rather they've learned to not trouble themselves with trivial matters such as shooting birds out of trees when they're interrupting your supper eating. I imagine that they save their guns for more pertinent matters. Which is food for my soul because the last thing I want to be is living in a state that claims to be awesome but really is full with a bunch of wimpy cowards. I'm asking for Texas cowboys and I'm going to get Texas cowboys. Until then, Rick Perry told me that there's jobs here in Texas so until I get one I'll continue pounding the pavement. Maybe I'll nab myself a steer while I'm at it. love. war.

Things to think about:
-Saying what you think
-Not lying, seriously
-Jews vs Christians
-Catholics vs Protestants
-People don't comment on the actual blogs website but rather facebook where the same blog is posted.
-Paying to dry your clothes
-Your state compared to Texas

Things to watch
Sh*t girls say
Sh*t people don't say

Things I'm reading
-A bend in the river


Anonymous said...

Comment.. just to prove you wrong on Blog posts going to Facebook;)! It was great hearing from you Page, but I need to re-read this one again - I have a simple mind;)!

ALINNA said...

i'm glad you're blogging more, and i'm going to start praying that you'll find a job. also, i love the sh*t people says videos.. so funny.

Unknown said...

Ha. Ted. People don't comment on my blogs because they are afraid I'll write a blog about them. :)}

The best video Allina is the original...Sh*t girls say. Did I lock the door....yes.

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