Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Friend Patrick Williams is a Scientist

While most of the world is trying to figure out which brand of teletubbies they love the most my friend was hard at work completing his degree in Chemistry to fulfill his lifelong dream of dissecting plants to see if we could find any real sources of fuel in them.  Even though he is failing miserably and nuclear is still by far the best; he persists at his work and I've decided to take some time and tell you how awesome he is because every once and a while humility is a good thing to experience.

Have you ever tried to write down why you think someone is amazing. It usually goes something like...they are smart and funny and have patience with me and are so good looking. They always know what to say yada yada yada. I'd like to focus my energy instead today describing one simple aspect of my friend Patrick that makes him more amazing and that one simple thing is responsibility. Now whether you're wearing depends on not, we can all appreciate people who are responsible. Patrick graduate with honors in a difficult major, married the girl he loved for a long time, has a steady job, and goes to it everyday without fail.

There's a lot about Patrick that I love. He's a fanatic for sports and his team, the St. Louis Cardinals, the best baseball team to ever play baseball, just won the World Series of Poker last month. (Not the world series of Poker sorry...but the one that came after the World Series of Poker) He also enjoys discussing politics, which is important if you're going to tolerate me for any of five minutes. Patrick also is on time when he goes places and is a man of his word.

This blog isn't to tell you something that you didn't already know because you probably don't know or care about Patrick. This blog is to tell you that being extraordinary sometimes is really just about being responsible. Because these days being responsible is very extra ordinary.  love. war.

Things to think about:
-Is it greedy to want more money.
-Is there any unbiased information.
-Can you talk about issues without having a doctorate.
-Do people silence you because they don't like your opinions.
-Tim Tebow/John Jones
-You could be amazing too

Things to watch:
Take a ride x-country
Idiots exist

Thinks to look at:
Your team sucks
Free to die


Crystalina said...

One of the things that I admire most about my father is that he went to work every day (and still does) out of love for his family, not because he loved his job. My respect to Patrick too.

Hannah Spring said...

I really appreciate the last statement and couldn't agree more. Being responsible is extraordinary and extra ordinary. It's interesting how the qualities that we admire change over time. Great blog, Page!

Unknown said...

It's interesting finally being in the working world and seeing how mundane it can be without purpose. It takes a real man to go to work to support his family...if only he could be doing something he loved. You're right Hannah. It's crazy how people get older and wiser.

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