Monday, November 8, 2010

Korean Eyes and Knives that Make them Beautiful

People from the west don't really understand what it's like being a Korean girl. Which is understandable since you aren't a Korean girl. And since you're from the west, you fit nicely into the category of people that I'm talking about. Do you have any Asian friends? Next time you're hanging out with them, look closely at their eyes without making them feel uncomfortable. If you're Asian and reading this, look in a mirror.

It wasn't until I flew to Seoul and started conversing with some women with Korean eyes that I realized that they don't like them. And almost everyone here, I use the term everyone very loosely, gets eye surgery; they want to look more western. Not all of them want to look more western. Of course there are the few that just want to look more beautiful. You know Milan...Pocahontas. Thanks Disney.

My coworker Donna, who is a very pretty woman, told me that she wants to get eye surgery to be more beautiful. I was shocked. Seriously. I don't get shocked that often. She is beautiful. Already. And she is married already. WHAT? Maybe her husband should tell her that she's more beautiful. I guess that's another issue. Maybe not.

To better understand what I'm talking about look at this...
The Asian eyelid

They want to get bigger eyes. I told Donna that there are a lot of woman in America with big eyes who are ugly. There are also thousands of beautiful Korean girls that haven't gotten surgery with normal Korean eyes, I suppose.
Apparently Korean women don't have an eyelid...or they do and we have two. We being white people. All the Korean Pop stars...Kpop...get eye surgery to look more beautiful. I think the Kpop stars are beautiful and would love to meet one or even marry one...but I didn't know it was because they got surgery. They became drastically less desirable then I found out their eyes weren't natural but rather tampered with.

Healthy guys think that fake boobs look really stupid and not beautiful. Healthy guys like natural to unnatural. Perverted guys prefer something fake. Those are the guys that you shouldn't be worrying about. They suck. They are the guys that if you married, you would always be wondering why they didn't think you were beautiful. They aren't happy with themselves and use porn as the standard for all women. I can be included in the not so righteous group of perverted guys. Most of us can. And like a lot of us, we're not happy about it...For I've looked at porn and even have found myself comparing woman to the gross indecency that it exposes. But unlike the fads of our time I choose to pursue something greater than that. 

Would Donna be prettier with bigger eyes? Would I look better if I wasn't balding? Would everyone look better if they were perfect? Probably. Then the question arises; is physical beauty all that matters? And the answer is certainly yes...if you're after physical beauty.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

And it's obvious that what the Lord thinks of you is more important than what any man thinks about you. He created you and loves you. love. war.

Things to listen to:
4th Avenue Jones

Things to think about:
-When things are cheaper it makes everything better save adopting Children
-lighters and smoking: cigarettes, pipes, and cigars


Samual said...

Its nice Blog.Eye surgery India is growing day by day as we have a team of highly trained Eye specialists and surgeons.

ALINNA said...

lisa ling did a study on the asian eye surgery phenomenon at some point.. i'm sure there is more on it, but i just found the article above. i've really enjoyed reading things from your heart and a lot of what your eyes have been opened to while you've been in korea. thanks for sharing and challenging, page.

melissa said...

thanks for the interesting's refreshing to here a man appreciate natural beauty...i love you page and think of you often

Unknown said...

i wish i had eastern eyes.

haha just kiddin, i appreicate your observations and the truth you proclaim. and i love you charles

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