Wednesday, November 10, 2010

People From All Over the World Reading the Same Crappy Thing...MY BLOG

Technology now a days allows for a lot of things that the past wouldn't of allowed. For instance...wasting hours gazing into other people's lives through countless photos of them and their friends that they make available to others for that specific purpose. Or even simple , extraordinarily things like using a plastic card anywhere you are when you want to buy something. (Something you take for granted).

Something else technology has enabled me to do is see the people that come to my blog and the things they search to find it.  Recently someone that came upon it searched for this and I thought it was funny enough to share with you:

"how to write a apology letter for something you didn't do to a gym teacher"

It brought her to this blogpost. Of course this begs the questions...What does the gym teaching think this chick did? (I'm assuming she's a chick) The next question is did my blog help her out? It probably didn't because most the people that come to my blog from searches don't read the whole thing. (I can see that too) But I still think it's very very funny. Here are some other things that people have searched that have come up on my blog...all funny but not as funny as that gym teacher apology letter crap...

-I like the way she smokes her cigarettes
-I've told someones secrets to people, how do I get them to not say to anyone
-Should you keep secrets from people. bible
-Sometimes I'd rather build a fire than a relationship

The last one is probably my favorite...because sometimes I'd rather build a fire than a relationship...but in Seoul you can't build fires. love. war.

Things to think about:
-how is life in america different from other places
-does smoking cigarettes really make people mad
-why does making a profit for oneself considered so bad

Things to watch:

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