Monday, September 7, 2009

Pretty girls are better to look at than guys...especially if they're foreign

What the hell’s going on inside my head? It’s beautiful outside and I’m sitting inside the library looking at all these people typing away, some apparently working. The girl directly across from me chewing on her nails in a particularly disguising way, another on the next aisle looks like she’s been here all night, and then another beautiful girl sitting at the end of the row whom I keep looking at. That girl, the one at the end of the row, is violating a fashion rule in that she’s wearing a dark bra with a white tank top. I suppose I don’t mind because she’s beautiful. I allow beautiful girls to get away with doing things I don’t typically allow. Who knows why. I don’t think I like this fact about me but that’s life. This girl here is the only thing helping me keep my sanity.

I came to the library because I was sitting at home. The people that were in town visiting left and that left me sitting in my family room. There were a lot of things that I could of done, all things I need to get done: clean my room, move the new boxes from moving out of the family room, clean my camping gear from the camping trip last night. But all the things I didn’t feel like doing. What I did feel like doing was getting out of the house so that’s what I did. Some loser is now talking to my pretty friend. They both look foreign. I don’t understand foreign people in general. What certain foreign girls see in certain foreign guys. He probably knows all the countries and capitals by heart and can play the bassoon or something. Damn foreign guys talking all the foreign women. I just made eye contact with foreign guy. His shirts is pretty awesome. She doesn’t seem that interested. Foreign guy left. Maybe they’re brother and sister both studying abroad in Boone NC. Syke.

This brings me to what I want to talk to you about on this fine Labor day 2009; priorities. About a year ago I gave up Yonks Clothing. I didn’t know why I just had the faith that was what I suppose to do. This year I stopped doing SGA at my college, something which took up most of my time last year. I’ve even thought of leaving the a cappella group I’m in. I’ve pretty much freed up everything from my schedule save work and school all for one reason and I’m not sure what that reason is yet. I think it’s to do something that I haven’t yet thought of yet.

Two weeks ago Valentina and I sat in Boone Saloon brainstorming the things I’m good at and the things I love. The list of the things I’m good at was this exactly:

• Talking
• Making friends
• Pool
• Collecting things
• Understanding
• Loud
• Helpful
• Go-getting spirit
• Flexible
• Good dresser/care about fashion
• Creative ideas
• Good listener
• And doesn’t care about the law.

The list of things I love was this:

• Girls
• Africa
• Clothes
• Furniture
• Women
• Jesus
• Helping people
• Valentina
• New stuff
• Arguing/debating/convincing

Obviously Valentina had some help in the content of these lists but that aside I’m sitting here thinking what is the next step in my life; this last year of college before I made some huge life decisions. So I’m here trying to think of careers that my personality and the things I love would be geared towards…and so far I’ve come up with like one thing. I want to sell people. I don’t know how or why or when or where or what but I do know that I don’t think I want to sell products but rather people. Let me know what you think about this.


Anonymous said...

I think you are a in your own dream world. How could someone be THAT insecure!

Unknown said...

You'd be surprised how insecure someone can be. How could someone be a narcissist and insecure. That's strange...but if anyone could...I could.

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