Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Have Attention Deficit Disorder and Breakfast Desire Disorder

My friend recently started a blog. She once said that there wasn’t anything that she thought other people would want to read that she had to say. I thought in my head how sad it was that someone would say that or at least not think they had things to talk about that mattered. I suppose a lot of people don’t have anything good to say or wise to pass on to other people. I think of guys in the weight room that I’ve been working out next to for the past 2 months. Meatheads I call them and I judge them.

I judge people that say they have ADD too. When someone says that they have ADD I’m always like ‘oh really.’ Not that I think that someone that has ADD is stupid for not being able to pay attention but, rather, I don’t even believe that it is a real disorder any more than liking to have breakfast in the morning or a man playing video games.

"The symptoms of ADHD include inattention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity. These are traits that most children display at some point or another. But with ADHD, which stands for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or what was referred to as ADD -- attention deficit disorder -- the symptoms are inappropriate for the child's age.
ADHD is common in children and teens. But adults also can have ADHD. With ADHD in adults, there may be some variation in symptoms. For instance, an adult may experience restlessness instead of hyperactivity. In addition, adults with ADHD consistently have problems with interpersonal relationships and employment."  (WebMD.com)

If ADHD is common in children, then it’s not a disorder but rather an order.  And being hyperactive is a symptom of being a child regardless of age.

People always ask me if I’ve ever been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and I tell them no. My parents knew that I had a lot of energy as a kid and so my father used to tell me to calm down and if I didn’t he would punish me. He would make us kids sit on the couch for 20 minutes and we weren’t allowed to move. My mom yelled “go outside” to us kids more times than I can count. If you think you have ADD, going and playing outside is something that can “cure” you.

I want to think about what it means if someone has ADD. Attention deficit disorder. Now it’s true that kids might have a problem paying attention, sitting still, or even focusing on doing work, but the second you say that they have a disorder they immediately think that how they’re acting is okay when it’s not. It’s like being addicted to something and justifying your addiction by saying you have an addictive personality. News flash…everyone has an addictive personality.  What I mean is that if you tell a child to sit still and pay attention, they think in their minds either that they don’t have to because they can’t because of their disorder or that they shouldn’t have to because of their disorder. Give that same child some awesome toy they’ll have no trouble keeping their attention on it for hours.

If a child has ADD what is it that they usually have trouble paying attention to…is it video games, or playing a soccer game…no it isn’t. It’s usually sitting down and doing work, or doing something that the child doesn’t want to do that requires discipline. If they have an attention disorder wouldn’t it reason that they have trouble paying attention to everything…I mean it is a disorder, right?

There are some things that can cure “ADD” very quickly. Punishment, activity, and love. The first one usually applies to a developing child. You need to make sure your kid is active, you need to explain and show your child you love them and you need to punish them with spanking them if they don’t behave.  If you don’t believe me that activity is a cure for ADD read this article. It’s so obvious it’s stupid.

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