Friday, January 22, 2010

Dealing with the law's my specialty

I’ve been to court five times in the past three months. I’ve been arrested twice for the same offense. Been to jail once for two hours with a guy named James, who gets in arguments with his wife, and they beat each other, but they still love each other, and Chris who just can’t seem to pay child support, but feels that having sex and reproducing is a right, poor Chris. I’ve been in four pairs of handcuffs, one pair of shackles, and one pair of comfy Watauga County Detention Center issued sandals. I've ridden in three different cop cars. Tears have come out of my eyes once, not crying tears, but simple tears the night I went to bed after being arrested. It weights on you emotionally. I’ve had three talks with different lawyers and appeared before the magistrate twice, along with The Honorable Ted McEntire, with an empty argument that led to no avail.

All this due to one disorderly conduct ticket I received one night outside of Jimmy John’s. I was the only sober person, the only one bleeding, and the only one to get a ticket. The head officer on duty was a dolt. Twenty eight hundred dollars later, the ticket was dropped by the officer who wrote it because of new evidence, and a helpful friend. I wasn’t even disorderly. But I have a nice crooked nose to show for whatever type of behavior I was exhibiting.

After experiencing all of this, I’ve decided a few things and I’d like to share them with you. First, that I’m reexamining my life. I know it might sound stupid but sometimes in life you have to experience things in order to know they suck. And this is one of those times. Second, that I have a lot of good friends who have helped me along the way. Third, that while I’ve had to deal with a few crazy things in my life this is still no match to what some children have to deal with every single day. If you’re reading this, you don’t know what it’s like to be starving and neither do I. Or the women who are in sex slavery, having to perform sexual acts on all types of men and who don’t have a choice. Or the people that dictators have put in jail just because they said what they were thinking. I would encourage you to go one day without eating or drinking and every time you get hungry, think about all the people around the world who go days without. And then don’t buy that thing you were going to buy and give money to an organization that helps people…not animals. And then call me and we can talk about ways for you to get involved with what’s going on around the world. If only I could find my mugshot to show you. love. war. 

 Things to think about:
-A revolution. Or rather starting one.
-Obama. Take what you think, throw it out, and apply some objective reasoning to his actions.
-honing your skills, deliberately, to prepare for a rough future.

Links:  dealing with sexual slavery dealing with hunger.
(I’ve been a sponsor for over 7 years)

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