Friday, June 6, 2008

Google, the Jesus of the Internet. It always has the answer

With tears running down my face I cry out to the man who created your smile, the man who decided how to make your teeth; so precious and imperfect. Why was I crying? Does that thought ever come into your mind while you're crying. You feel like you have to justify why you have snot running to town on your face (like snot could ever make it that far before you play that hide the snot game). I'm here to tell you that if God comes over you and allows you to feel the ridiculous, compassionate, flooding grace that causes you to cry out to him to stop playing snot games and cry baby cry.

I'm in Gainsville Georgia right now at training camp preparing for the biggest trip of my life. I'm not going on my honeymoon, or on the way to buy my first house, or even to close a huge Yonks deal but rather to take a trip halfway (literally) around the world to a small city in Swaziland...called...well that's one of the reasons that this trip is as big as it is. We don't know where we're going. It's between two different cities, between loving on some 326 different orphans and getting there snot where my snot is, or going to a sqatter camp with is nothing more than a ghetto of extreme poverty. This isn't just your mommas 19 century poverty either; it's real, raw, sad, and full of snot.

I didn't use to be a crybaby until God put me on the mission field. Now tears flow like a glorious wellspring of water blessed and brought on by my living God.

A thicket, a place in time. Paul's travels, Gulliver's travels, Page's travels?

That Army commercial pops into my head. 'DA DA DA. DA DA DA."If anyone ever wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?" Well, someone has already wrote a book about someone else's life and it's mad legit. It's called John.

As I take myself out of the picture and start realizing I'm not important. As I start showing myself out of the book of my life I start to realize my purpose. It's possible that you think you're where you should be and you're really not. It's possible that you're trying to write the book of your life and there's nothing to put in it. It's possible that maybe you're just working on the outside cover of your book and so far it's looking awesome but the first word in the first chapter on the first page is "struggling". And you are struggling. Start living your life for Jesus and not for yourself and the cover of your book will look like Moby Dick and the contents will be something of amazement. I promise you.

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